Sunday Colour #9

Base coating is pretty blooming boring right?  Especially if you do it the way I do.  I prime my figures and then paint the main areas in the shade tone I intend to leave in the recesses.  This is normally a two coats process.  I then paint the main body colour everywhere that isn’t a recess this can be a two or more coat process.  It takes a while these guys took a very long while…20160730_192424[1]

It does give me an effect that I like though.  I think it captures the edging nicely and leaves me with a crisp and clean looking crew.  For a long while I thought that realistically the time I spend doing it was worth it.  Now that I’m a father and have more responsibilities at work I realise that time is more precious than I thought in my callow youth.20160730_192451[1]

The issue with having less time but wanting a good effect led me to using the army painter dip technique on my Night Lords.  They look pretty cool I guess but wouldn’t cut the mustard for a skirmish game so I have decided to buy an airbrush.  Just a cheapish one at the moment for base coating my miniatures.20160730_192511[1]

Obviously it’ll take a while to get my technique down and it’ll give a different kind of style so any expansions to existing forces will mean I have to swap back to the brushes but the increased productivity should mean I can keep up with Sunday’s a little easier!  Plus there are lots of really cool things that airbrushing lets you do and my hope is that I can start to learn them and pass them on through this column!20160730_192438[1]

I intend to try it out during the week on a top-secret project that I’m sworn to secrecy about but for a sneaky peak pop back on Thursday!  I’ll be chatting about the airbrush on Sunday Night so check back in and I’ll hopefully have something hilariously bad to show everyone!  In the mean time happy painting! -Mark

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