Bolt Action/Black Powder Prepainted figures on sale at Warlord Games

Warlord games are now starting to offer pre-painted figures for some of their black book games. Currently on sale at the website, are units for Bolt Action and Black Powder.


For the Bolt Action range, you can now get prepainted figures for the British airborne and the US airborne. The British contents are as follows, 3 men for the HQ, 2 British Airborne Sections of 5 men, 1 British Airborne Vikers HMG Team, 2 men for the PIAT team and 2 men for the 2″ light Mortar.


The Americans are similar with, 2 men for the HQ, 2 American Airborne Sections of 5 men, 1 American Airborne .30cal MMG Team with 3 men, 2 men for the bazooka team and 1 American Airborne 60mm light Mortar with 3 men.

Both of these sets will be £99 for the total of 20 painted figures which makes this quite good value for pre-painted, and to reflect this both are currently sold out on Warlords website. My only question is when are we getting German figures?

Black Powder



For Black Powder, Warlord are offering 36 British Waterloo line figures painted for £180 and 42 Late French for £210.

The 36 figures for the British are broken down into an officers, drummer, sergent, 33 line soldiers and flags.309811001_Waterloo_British_Line_Infantry_36_Fig_Painted_Set_1024x1024 (1)


The French are mostly in great coats and again have an officer, drummer and a sergeant in the ranks, and 39 line soldiers and again have the flag needed to finish the unit off.


The fact that all the Bolt Action have been sold is a good sign, so let’s hope warlord will extend this to cover other ranges.

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