Scouring the Galaxy: Part One

As you may now be away I am running a series of articles on different gaming systems that currently reside on my shelves, in an effort to get everything more table time.

Now is the turn of Warlord Games Beyond the Gates of Antares, with the game being a year old more or less I thought it’s time to get more stuff done with my Concord, this will be Amalgamated with two 500 point forces that should be flying through sub space to me as you’re reading this.
What is great about Gates of Antares, well it’s written by Rick Priestly, who I think we can safely say knows how to write a set of rules. The main components of the game are easily recognisable from Bolt Action, but with different restrictions and obviously armoured aliens and hover tanks instead of GIs and jeeps.

So onto my Concord, currently I am a few core component missing, a Drop Squad command squad means my Drop troops are heavily under used which should be rectified today and some heavy hitting Artillery..

The Drop Troops will form the core off my forces, as they are the elite and the awesome force choice as well as looking much cooler than standard Concord Strike troops.
As you can see everything is undercoated and washed and continuing to add some base layers by the next update I intend to have at least one squad fully painted and based.
Warlord are also offering 4 gamers at 4 clubs the option to delve into gates of Antares on them. Yes they will ship you everything you need. You just need to write about it. It’s a shame that I lost two local writers or I would have put in for it as Gates is great and deserves more play time than it currently gets.

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