Release Schedule for Dark Age and Wrath of Kings

EBS have released the following release dates for CMONs games Dark Age ad Wrath of Kings



Dark Age
DAG0812 – Kukulkani 2016 Cards
DAG7006 – Kukulkani Chosen of Coatlai (2)
DAG7011 – Kukulkani Doom Seer (1)
DAG7014 – Kukulkani Kaachika (2)

Wrath Of Kings
WOK00102 – Wrath Of Kings – Book 2
WOK002 – Wrath Of Kings Book 1 & Motivation Card deck
WOK02009 – Hadross Pit Fighters
WOK02012 – Hadross Shell Crackers
WOK05014 – Goritsi Ravener Alpha




Dark Age
DAG7015 – Kukulkani Ixchel (1)
DAG7016 – Kukulkani Coatlanak (2)

Wrath Of Kings
WOK03011 – Celestial Gatekeepers
WOK03012 – Celestial Tricksters


Dark Age
Loads of great Dragyri Releases!

Wrath Of Kings
WOK01013 – Nasier Charcter Box 3
WOK04012 – Teknes Butchers


All these should be available well in time for Christmas.

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