Mantic Games: Part One

Here is going to be the first of a regular series on Mantic Games, for some reason I think the first few maybe slightly Dreadball orientated.

DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game is the 2-player hyperkinetic sci-fi sports game of unparalleled speed and ferocity, a fast and tactical miniature sports board game

that is both quick and easy to learn but with quite a few teams can even leave a hardcore collector needing more, and with the option of 6 teams on the pitch (Ultimate) and exploding unlicensed obstacles (DBX) there is something for all occasions!.

DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game by Mantic Games is currently on Kickstarter at the moment with 12 days left to go.

It’s day 4 of the kickstarter and latest stretch goal – Romeo Blue (artwork avove), a Kickstarter exclusive team captain, is locked into Striker pledges.

As with previous campaigns Mantic are also offering optional add-ons. Sometimes these will be functional, like extra card decks, whilst others are cool additions for your collection. Either way, each are great value and help push that pledge total up, breaking goals and getting new freebies added to your pledge.

Here’s what was announced yesterday:

DreadBall Custom Dice and Shaker Set – $35

18 (6 White, 6 Blue and 6 Red) 16mm six-sided dice with a custom DB logo engraved on the ‘6’, a DreadBall dice bag and 2 DreadBall Dice Shakers in one great value bundle.

Personally I think these are a nice touch, but probably not for me!

DreadBall Hex Bases – $3

A set of the newly designed 25mm DreadBall Hex Bases. The bases include a hole for pegging in the ball and markings around the front 3 faces to denote line of sight and threat hexes.

My thoughts on these is I am going to need quite a few to rebase my version 1 models.

DreadBall Card Deck – $5

A deck of the updated 2nd edition DreadBall cards.

Useful but personally I might pass, but then an extra set never hurts!

DreadBall Decal Sheets – $3

A set of waterslide transfer Decal Sheets for numbering your players. Contains 1 with black lettering and one with 1 white lettering.

For $3 or £2.29 (at todays exchange rate) why not saves me writing numbers!

DreadBall Players and Staff – from $25 each

Check out the full range of DreadBall Team Bundles – each including a free Team Captain miniature! There’s also bundle packs for giants, coaching staff and MVPs so that you can complete your collection.

Finally, you add on the whole collection for $850 – and when we release the Sports Robots and the Yndij as individual add-ons, we’ll add them to the collection for free.

Note that for shipping reasons these will not be offered as individual figures.

If you missed the original kickstarter or are brand new to DreadBall treat yourself!

DreadBall Counter Set

As you know, one of the things we are currently funding is the plastic DreadBall Counter Set, which you can get additional sets of for $10.

No question there are a must!

Furthermore, there’s also a DreadBall league pack which you can also add on to your Striker pledge:

DreadBall League Pack – $40

Including 3 DreadBall pitches, card decks, plastic counter sets, RefBots and a whole loads of balls, the DreadBall League Pack can be added to a Striker pledge to give you enough components for an 8 person league.

3 sets off tokens and cards is $45 so thiss is fantastic vakue for moneyyou could either get it for yourself and become a pathfinder, split it with some friends (they can get extra teams above) or your local club for tournaments games nights!

And there you have it…

That’s it for ‘Add-on Monday,’ hopefully you have  seen something you like above 🙂 I will be back with more updates through out the campaign. I will also be posting bits on Facebook as well.

Remember the more backers there are the more money raised which will equal more stretch goals and more freebies. So what are you waiting for go back DreadBall now

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