Battle for Xilos


Come and join us for Episode Five of the Battle For Xilos Campaign where the forces of Warlord Games’ Beyond The Gates Of Antares clash in this epic struggle. The Slave Pits are open…


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“Fartok is pursuing his arch-enemy Karg and has tracked him down to the unexplored world of Xilos. Fartok’s Outcast army is engaged in battle against Karg’s notorious Battlegroup 10 and will stop at nothing to avenge the betrayal of Ephra.

The forces of Fartok’s Outcasts grow every day as more slaves flee from his enemy’s control to join the ranks of the rebels. Fartok’s fighters search for enemy slave pits in order to liberate their enemy’s Outcasts and ferment the revolt against Karg.”

Battle Report Comms Cut Off!

With spacial fluctuations deep within the planet of Xilos increasing, communications are growing less and less reliable, and are expected to break down altogether within days…



Battle Reports for Episodes 1 to 5 must be submitted by 24th July – you won’t be able to create, edit or publish them once the final episode is launched.

So this is your last chance for a faction to steal control of one of the previous episodes.

Join The Fight & Download The Mission Briefing

You can download the Mission Briefing document HERE which tells you all you need to know about next battle you will be fighting.

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REMEMBER by submitting Battle Reports you have a chance to win some great prizes, find out HERE which lucky Commanders are among the first wave of winners.

The more descriptive and interesting your report is the better chance you have to win! To see what’s up for grabs CLICK HERE.

Will you be taking this latest challenge?

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