Dreadball 2 on Kickstarter now!

It’s live and after over an hour at 75% funded.

If you are looking to get Dread ball 2 on the early bird then you had better get in quick, as they have almost all gone.




From Mantic.

DreadBall 2nd Edition Now on Kickstarter

We’re developing DreadBall 2nd Edition through Kickstarter, where with the help of the community we will improve the rules, produce a new boxed game and fund the tooling for new miniatures in the range.

In addition we aim to create new miniatures and accessories for the range and create a strong community so you’re always supported! Our plan is that it’ll let you enjoy the galaxy’s greatest sport whilst reinvigorating the DreadBall scene for the veterans, and bring in a host of new players.

We’ve created a very simple 2 week Kickstarter around a great value pledge level called Striker ($100, MSRP $150) where you get the new boxed game, DreadBall Ultimate 2nd Edition, DreadBall Team Guide and 2 Kickstarter Exclusive Coaches.

Not only this but we’ve created a number of limited edition ‘Early Bird’ specials allowing you to get Striker at a reduced rate of $90 – a little thank you from us for getting in early!

As is normal for a Mantic Kickstarter, we hope to break lots of stretch goals so that we can give you cool bonus figures and accessories, like extra teams, team captains and more…


Get it Now as the kickstarter will only run for 16 days and will end on the 7th Aug at midnight.

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