Beggar Kings: Part Two


Some of you may have seen this sunny character before, no? Ok well its my nearly finished WIP Sol for my Veatir faction of Relics, this first part one of Beggar Kings is going to be based more on the painting and building of the forces, I have finished building the first part of my Orcnar force and steaming through getting them painted, some of the models are quite fun to build others can be a bit fiddly but when you get them done they look great.

The game is fun and the models are that good that I have even started work on my 3rd force before completing my first, yes I have ‘shiney syndrome’.


The Ridend are just so cool it would be rude not to at least collect some off them and what better way to start than by getting Duke Cocklegib, (yes that is what I am going to call him). Due to my camera going wrong more photos will have to wait for the next installment.
So what’s the deal with Relics? Well each faction is very different feel to it both in temrs of visual styling and also how they play, all your favourites are there, the bruisers and the more tactical play styles and although we are in the end days off V1, V2 isn’t  going to be just as good but it will be better as Tor are updating it as well as getting a lot of feedback from players even going as far as allowing players to decide some parts of the rules, all players got to vote on whether to allow pre measuring or not for example.

In my next article I am going to be taking a closer look at the Orcnar, which is probably me least favourite faction in terms of design, but look like they can be quite Killyleagh on the table. 

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