Blood Bowl Teams Sprue Pics

Some pictures of the new team sprues have come online showing both the Human and Orc teams sprues.

Human Team


The image shows that Human team will have at least two balls, one coin and a trophy, as well as different options for adding shoulder pads and which way the head is facing. It looks like they will keep the classic lineman, catcher, thrower poses, with the lineman’s arms open and facing front. The thrower has a ball in his hands and the catcher has the catcher mitt and is reaching for the ball.

Sadly we can’t see any blitzers, but can only hope that they are in the classic pose. Also a fat catcher would be good for when you get a strength increase, like we had with the last human release.

With six figures on this sprue and possibly six on the next it looks like the teams might be split over two sprues giving us the 12 man roster. So it looks like booster packs will be needed to fill out all the positionals. Also the helmets have the winged emblem of the Reaver’s on the side and where is my ogre?!

Orc Team


The Orc sprue is a little more confusing, again a coin and trophy stands out, the balls look more in keeping with an orc team, in that they are battered and worn. Also a cocked arm can be seen so there is a thrower in there. The way the Orcs will come together makes them hard to stand out on the sprue. Pics online show them joining around the chest area so it’s hard to see what is what.

I don’t think any Black Orcs are here and if they are they have lost their height that they had from the 3rd ed figures. The coins looks the same as the human one but we can’t see the other side they they might be different.

It will be interesting to see the final roster lineup, as more often than not, an Orc team will have 4 Black Orcs and 4 blitzers for most games. This will mean we will have to fill out the positionals from booster packs.

Pages from the new book and cheat sheet.



If you are interested in playing Blood Bowl please log on to The NAF website to find your local league or sign up for a tournament.

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