Armoured Syndicate announcement

On Friday Megaton Games made an announcement following its successful Kickstarter for Armoured Syndicate.

This is taken directly from the Kickstarter page.

“Dear backers

My apologies for the lack of communications the last week or so since the campaign ended… it has been a tough time for us and we’ve been deliberating VERY hard about the best way to bring Armoured Syndicate to market and make the most of the story, the models and the characters we have invested SO much in over the last three years.

So… we have made an important decision, and it wasn’t an easy one to come to.

We will be issuing a full refund to everyone who backed this project over the next two or three days. No money will ever reach us (even though Kickstarter may well have charged you already) and any money that has been charged will be refunded in full.

We are going to take on board all the comments and suggestions made by all of you and by our friends in the industry and then re-launch the project in a couple of months once we are 100% happy with it and the game itself is MUCH more complete.

We want something that EVERYONE can buy in-to with confidence!

So… whilst this is, in the short term, I guess bad news… we feel it’s the right thing to do and in the longer term, will mean you get something MUCH cooler and hopefully a lot better value for money as well.”

There was a bit more but if you are a backer you check that out yourself here

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