Saga 6 Point Battle Report

Vikings Vs Anglo Saxons


Here is a battle report of a game of Saga I played at my local club with my good friend Colin.

We have had many battles based in the dark ages with this set of rules and both of us have become very used to each others army’s. Colin normally brings the Normans with William and a vast array of archers and I love the Joms Vikings just for the complete craziness of them.

So I was surprised when we meet up and not a horse or arrow was in sight of Col’s army. We wanted to use 4 grounds The Stoic Arms piece as a center point. The club had picked it up last year and it had been put together and need to be used. Sadly, while this is a great piece we felt it wouldn’t really fit in with the board we had put together.

So rolling up for the scenario we got the defend the village one. Now this is a good scenario but I know Colin and there is no way he’ll want to defend, so it’s six point down for him. Let me explain, this scenario gets players to bet on how many points they think they can defend the village with. The one with the lowest points will take on the role as defenders, but the problem was no one wanted to defend so we both picked 6 and it was down to a dice roll. So we roledl and Colin had to defend and set up first.

Colin’s Six points of Saxon’s


Colin went for an all warrior army spending all six points on them, he then split them up into four groups of 12. Clever for an old boy! The Saxons get bonus’s if their units are over 10 figures.

My Six points of Vikings


I went for six groups, three of Hearth guard and 3 of Warriors I also upgraded one of my Hearth guard into Berserkers, my plan was to use the Warriors to soak up the hits and then send in the Hearth guard to finish them off. My hopes were low as this scenario is hard anyway but to face of against 6 points of defenders… I know I’m getting in my excesses already.

Set up


The three buildings at the back are the ones I have to clear out by turn six to win. I had put a group of Warriors and Hearth guard on each side to face of one vs each house. The Warlord will go where Colin is the most weakest to really hit home his extra attacks.

Left FlankIMAG0458

Right Flank


Warlord giving the “we shall fight them on the beaches” talk to the center


Turn one

Speed is the key with these sort of set ups so I need to get charging into a house and quick, so all my dice are set up to fight as best as I can, I’m not going to put the Warlord in at the moment I’ll keep him back for later because his death is game over for me. So the center warrior unit gets into contact with the right house, I use frigg to remove the fatigue and into combat we go. Colin starts the game with three saga dice and puts them all in defense and with the boots to his save via the house its a close loss for me 1-2.


With the last of my dice I move up other units ready for the next turn. Over to Colin!

He uses all his dice to tool his units up for the next turn. No movement at all just Stout Hearts and the Fyrd to re-roll  four saga dice and get shoulder to shoulder in as well. Dislodging him is going to be hard.


Turn 2

I charge the middle house with my  left Warriors and get a good 4-4 draw. Then the leftover center Warriors charge the middle house, and the dice let me down, no one hit and as Colin was hitting on 3+ it was a massacre at 6-0.

Colin’s turn and he rolls all axes! He still doesn’t move and set his defenses up for turn three.

Turn 3

The Warlord now steps up and leads his Hearth guard into battle, they clean out the middle house at the loss of one man. But no dice left to move them into the house. With Colin keeping his Warlord and a group of Warriors near by I know they will take it back over from their slain battle brothers next turn.


Colin doesn’t let me down and moves his Warlord and Warriors into the empty house. This is going to be harder than I thought. Again he tools himself up for the up coming fight.

Turn 4

This turn I charge the right house with the Warriors on the right and give them all the boosts I can and this bring the numbers down to three a side. Now its time for the Berserkers to charge in and clean the house out. Now I really thought these guy would do a job for me and clear the house out. But, yep you guessed it they scored zero hits and was wiped out to a man!! Things aren’t going to plan.

Colin’s turn, and he charges out the Warriors in the wood and they go after my right flank Warriors, of which there are only two left. After combat Colin loses 1-0 due to a lot of armor rolls being made. So 3 Warriors verses 12 and finally someone on my side is up for the fight.


Turn 5

I think now is the time to just try and do as much damage as I can with what I have. If the warlord dies then OK, it wasn’t looking like I’d win anyway, but I need to throw everyone in now. So the Hearth guard on the left go in to the left house and get slaughtered but take down two of he’s Warriors. This is the problem with small groups, yes you keep more saga dice when you start losing units but they die really quickly in combat. So I throw the Warlord and three remaining Hearth guards into the middle house, with 12 dice to roll I’m hoping to give him a bloody nose. But again I’m let down and no hits!!! I think half my guys are already on their holidays! Two hits back from Colin takes out two more Hearth guard.


Colin can see I’m on the ropes now and charges out his Warlord and Warriors into the middle. With a rammed board of dice and using stout hearts to roll more dice his board is set up for the killer blow. With the amount of hits on my Warlord its an over kill and I lose both my Warlord and last Hearth guard. Game Over.


It was a good game of sorts, any game versus Colin is good but I think I was on to a hiding from the start with the amount of points that Colin had. I guess if I had put more into taking just one house and getting Colin moving his troops about things might of been different. The bad dice didn’t help but as my war band trudge back to their boats I can still hear the Saxons shouting “Get of my land!”.





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