Kings Of War Paint Sets on Pre-order

Mantic and Army Painter have released 4 sets of paints for Kings of War.


Mantic are taking pre-orders for their new Kings of War paints sets. With 4 sets available, each with 10 paints, it will be a great help to get a new army up and painted.


The sets will cover the races of Orge, Dwarf, Undead and the Greenskins. Of course you can cross over and use the Dwarf set for Abyssal Dwarfs and so on. The full list of paints in each set can be found on the web store.



Each set is priced up at £19.99 which is good value for money, that’s around £2 a pot, giving you a saving £5 if you brought the lot on their own. If used with their set of washes you could get that regiment painted in no time. The Army painter web site has an array of guides that will help you to get your figures on the table quicker.



The Mantic web store states that these items should be shipped from the 19th of Aug, so maybe this summer might be the right time to start that new Kings of War army.


Taken from the Mantic Website.

In Wargaming, painting your models is a huge part of the hobby. From carefully practicing your skills until you create a masterpiece, to making an army your own by painting them in a certain scheme, it provides endless hours of enjoyment the world over.

We’ve worked hard to support this in Kings of War, having a long partnership with The Army Painter to provide acrylic water-based paints, brushes and primers to make getting a fully painted army on the tabletop as easy as possible. Now, we’re taking this one step further – creating new paints and sets specifically for Kings of War.

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