Project Z Review 1 of 3 Unboxing!

Yay Zombie killing, who doesn’t love that! But with all the Z games currently on the market which ones will help you get your Zombie Apocalypse fix?


Over the course of 3 posts I’m going to take a look at Warlord games zombie game Project Z. The first post will be first impressions and un-boxing, next will be putting the minis together and painting, and the last will be for the actual game play. So lets get started.

Un-boxing and first impressions

With a entry price of around £30 this is a good start, other Z games can come in well over the £50 mark but you will get more in the box for those. Project Z has no board, and works on the fact you have the items to create a table top version of a city in the mists of a zombie apocalypse from your own collection.

So what do you get in the box, well counters and dice, plus a set of cards for use in the game. Also four sprues of plastic mini’s, two zombie sprues and one each for the two gangs, for a total of 39 minis.

The best way to think about how the game will set up, is to think that word has got back to your group that a truck has been found with food in the back, and you send a group to check it out. When they get to the truck there is a second group also on the hunt for the food and the area is full of zombies. Your not going back empty handed as people are hungry and if you have to roll over the other group to get the food then so be it. This is basically the set up here, but the fact you could have three gangs should make this game more carnage.


At first look the size and length of the rule book disappointment me, I wasn’t looking for a book like black powder but it does feel a bit small and thin. This gives you the feeling that this game might not have much dept but upon reading the rules it look quite simple. Also the way you create your gangs is very simple, and this I think will be the word of the day for this game, simple. That doesn’t mean its no good, but I guess until I get playing it I won’t find out.

To create your gangs you just set out how many cards you will use for each game. Each card has the stats for the gang members and how many figures, but not what they are armed with. Whilst this keeps it simple and I like this, I’m hoping that because you could arm all your survivors with what ever you want it wont make things become silly with gangs all armed with the best weapons.  You also get two quick ref sheets and a survivors guide with 8 different scenarios for you to play out, special traits rules and rules for each group of survivors.


The plastic sprues have multiple options for each mini on them. But each mini also has a letter next to it, so if you want to, you can follow these for the arms and head that fit the best. My eight year old was helping me look through the zombies and he was totally disgusted by the guy that’s been run over and has a Tyre tread mark down his middle, so thumbs up for that. I like that we are giving a lot of figures and my eye has even started looking at the other gangs that you can get ,online.

Next step is to throw some glue and paint at them and get them on to table for some zombie gaming fun. The next post will highlight sticking these guys together and then its game time.
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