Learning Curve Chapter Eight

20160626_121857[1]This week I’m going to follow up on the game of Burrows and Badgers Darren and I played a fortnight or so ago.  We played at Final Re-Roll in Norwich using a deepcut studios PVC mat which is beautiful as you’ll see.  I won’t do a full battle report because we already have that covered here.  Instead I’m going to try and figure out where I went wrong with the game starting with my failure to realise just how good certain skills are…

The game itself works a little like Dungeons & Dragons damage dice; the better something is the more sides the dice has.  That seems straight forward enough but the key to that has always been trying to get bonuses to stick on the dice, after all a d8 can still roll a 1 so getting a +2 is a very good thing.  For some reason I failed to realise that this simple facet would transfer over so completely.  This led to a couple of mistakes but most noticeably I should have prioritised animals with Strong and Tough.  Tough in particular is a nasty business for the unprepared.

20160626_125300[1]The second thing I got wrong was engaging my enemy in combat as the only real way of doing damage.  I think that a few smaller critters with ranged weapons would be a good answer to this give them broad-head arrows and bows to soften up the enemy before engaging with the Fox and Hare.  I think a mage would be a big benefit too for disruptive purposes.  I also feel that the Rogue war band whilst they get to choose from a lot of animals is just worse than the Royalist one because of the pennies difference.  30 pennies makes an enormous difference to a group and could pay for a hired hand which frankly in a non-campaign setting are a little too good for their cost.

20160626_125829[1]So I’m going to get some different guys, more ranged weapons for certain and try over with Royalists.  I think that should give me more what I’m looking for and hopefully make the game a little more interesting than just a both sides charge affair.  I would say that anybody about to try the game should discuss their plan around using any mercenaries in their forces with each other before you start and come up with an agreement.  Either one each or none at all in one-off games would be my suggestion.  For more information see the Oathsworn Miniatures website.

I also think that it would have been a good idea to do a spot of hiding and ambushing instead of the slow walk towards each other so next time I may even employ some tactics!  I’ll keep you posted.  Next week I’ll talk Infinity so stay tuned! -Mark

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