Sunday Colour #7

group-1Hello again!  An update on the status of my model mountain is this.  I have painted zero figures.  I have purchased six.  I was given a box of Goblins.  I think I might be some time…

I have mainly been assembling my new models, namely the Guardians of the Galaxy starter set from Knight Models.  These figures are great and I decided it’d only be fair to mount them on great bases so I got myself some Micro Art Studio bases for them to look pretty on…

I decided to spray them black since the majority of them will be wearing black or probably grey so that’s sensible.  I’ll almost certainly do them as they appear in the movie so Drax is the biggest challenge by far, his skin markings will be very difficult to do justice to but it’s an opportunity to learn something new I guess!  The others should be quite straight forward, Rocket and Groot are dry-brush heavy I imagine.  Star Lord is basically one giant trench coat and Gamora’s skin is only difficult because it may come off a bit ‘not natural’ (she is green though so I think I’ll get away with it).  More pics in a fortnight!


I also undercoated my Haqqislam figures, varnished the Nomads and finally sorted out my lighting issue (see pics).  I don’t really have a lot more to say on the subject but hopefully in two weeks time I’ll have made some significant progress and I definitely won’t get any new figures I promise! -Mark

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