Allegedly this is my 501st published post so yay me! So for this extra special post which probably would have been better at number 500 but nevermind I thought I would bring you some behind the scenes what is going on as we are rapidly approaching 2 years of this site and project being live.


Over the last 24 months I have learned a fair amount, painted more than ever before and in the last few months especially actually started playing more than ever before, I currently have well over 20 miniature games systems that I put articles out about, that I own, that’s not including news and previews and other bits for systems that I don’t own, Nor does that include Mark and Jez’s stuff either. Now I would love to put out weekly articles about them all but in all fairness some of the smaller studios don’t actually have that much news to put out and others are so big I could probably write daily about them, but that’s an aside really, I want to thin a few off my games out so I can get more hands on time playing them as well as more concentration when writing about them. So over the next few months I am going to be thinning things out a bit (yes that also makes room for some new stuff) and getting cracking on finishing some painting, it made such a nice change on Sunday to play with fully painted miniatures on a nice looking table and something I aim to do again soon, normally I get stuff in get a few basic colours down and that’s it its off to play and work on something else, so keep the review stuff and demo kits coming in as they will ALL get done as soon as humanely possible.

El Torro, from Armoured syndicate currently on Kickstarter

Friday Kicks will be coming back soon as I felt that pickling a few current kickstarters was a nice way of helping some companies out whilst also a stark reminder to myself that there are so many out there that I could become quite busy.


The Forces of Tabletop Games UK will be going through a bit off a revamp as well and will soon feature more pictures and forces lists as and when I can create and build/make and paint them, I really want to get my Kings of War force sorted but its so big that its a long project maybe I will do a Markesque Kings Of War multi part supplement.

What else well hopefully some sponsorships will be a nice end to this year but in the mean time if you wish to support us, by doing nothing more than buying yourself new miniatures you can always order from Element games through this link, or one of the banners.


Lastly I need to say a big thank you to those who write for the site, as well as the readers and all the companies who have helped me along the way by sending stuff for review promoting the site and generally being jolly nice people.

may the dice rolls be with you…. Darren

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An on an off gamer for twenty years, but in the last few years has spun away from his favourite Dark Angels and is loving the new found versatility and variety in the miniature universe

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