A Tale of Two Hares

Me and Mark finally got down to getting some Burrows and Badgers action recently. Playing on a Deep Mats 3*3 playing Mat with some plasticraft scenery really looked the part and for once (other than a chip in the paint job) I had a fully painted force.


My list was reasonably large creature heavy and I took a mercenary just to make the points up, that was a big deciding factor and I still feel slightly guilty about, but moving on..

We set up the scenery and decided to play the First Scenario ‘Scavanger Run’ thinking this would give us more time in battle without having to worry overly about objectives. Mark got the Initiative and so we started to deploy after placing the ‘loot’. We had decided that the river was impassable so the focal point was always going to be the two bridges.

The first turn saw everything just moving up, with nothing in combat range it was on to the next turn, don’t worry it got a bit more interesting.

The start of turn two saw my Fox Archer loose off her first shot of the Game against Marks Ferret and miss by a country mile, litterally! Everything else just skulked up the board. Due to the weird penalty for charging units none of us wanted to commit to combat with really high – modifiers.

Turn three saw Van Woodr break the charge impasse and just dive in against Marks Mole a hefty score of 8 should have seen me luahing to my first blooding of the game but that darn Perfect Roll rule saw me staggering (roll highest number on the dice and you get +7 to the result), so my D12 roll of 8 was slapped down by a D4 roll of 4 (adding the 7) which was adjusted to 11 my highly tuned animal mincing machine was fended off by a short sighted mammal! Ok one stalemate, charging the Hares together resulted in nothing but a Hare off that was to continue for most of the game, my Fox Archer was almost as accurate with a bow and arrow as MarksĀ Ferret was with throwing knives barn doors are definitely safe when these two take to the field.

On the left hand of the board a four way brawl developed between my Von Woodr and fox and Marks hound (I love that model) and mole. whilst on the right side of the board another four way brawl was developing, my Hare and Badger vs Marks hare and Marmot.

These combats carried on chipping away at each other sometimes doing one or two damage others not doing very much, the combat continued in this vain, until it went really badly for Mark when my Badger swung for his leader the one-eyed Hare, doing a grand total of 12 damage in one hit and taking him out off the game which was closely followed by Van Woodr taking out the hound, this began the bit off a downward spiral for Mark and time was soon called so we could discuss the game and the rules.

Whilst the game was quite fun in places and I promise the next time we will sort out filming it, there really did seem to be a lot of maths involved, partially my fault for taking a mercenary with more special rules than a normal sized rule book and partially because for the most part when we needed to make the big save rolls we generally did!

The game felt very much critical centric and some of the rules seemed a bit to powered, and taking a mercenary to a small beginners game is akin to taking an AC30 Spectre Gunship to a playground game of rock, paper, scissors.



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  1. Suggestions… archery works well from Ambush, and always gang up on dangerous enemies – the Block penalty for outnumbering makes a big difference! Also, spells that buff your fighters are well worth investing in.
    And arrow from Ambush boosted by a Luck spell can make a big dent in any Mercenary…

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