Tanks by GF9

So I know have a copy of Tanks as well as the Perschig and Stug G expansions, looking through the rules, it seems very much a quick and easy game with minimal messing around and just tracks out action.


So the good parts at the moment are, its playable straight out of the box you don’t even need scenery as there is some punch out cardboard scenery in the box, there are a couple of options in the starter box, the Americans have two types of tank that can be built and all the parts are there to make them interchangeable which is great, the Germans have only one tank chasis but two difernt designs of tank and although the turrets are slightly different for the Germans (in that in some cases there isn’t one) the tanks are design in such a way that as long as you don’t go to crazy with the glue they are still interchangeable.

The models are quite small and at times a bit fiddly to hold together bt with some decent glue and a little bit of dry fitting and patience everything knitted together nicely, well so far I still have two shermans to build, although small there is still an incredible amount of detils on the models and extra pieces which can be used to make your tanks stand out from other peoples.

The card stock is nice and durable and there are plenty of upgrade cards that are available to use. The entire rulebook is realy thin (about 22 pages) but contains everything you need and is really well laid out and easy to navigate.


On Sunday me and Mark are meeting up for a long overdue gaming session and this is one off the games I have put forward to be played.

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