Habitation Blocks Never Looked As Good!

13240738_1768735383345453_6372320489577671619_nLike most of us I’m in two minds about crowd funding but it doesn’t stop me from helping to fund a project that is worth backing and this project is definitely that.  Designed with gaming in mind first but without skimping on the near future look that many of us are looking for Mad Gaming Terrain have launched ‘the Hab Block‘ a versatile solution to your gaming needs.

OK so it looks pretty good right?  Each block can be built in it’s own unique way too so even though they’ll be pretty much the same each one can function slightly differently.  For example block one could be built with two doorways and all of the windows open to give good lines of sight whilst block two could be almost completely enclosed making it more of an ambush point.  Then the real fun begins, the magnetic walkway system allows you to quickly ‘necromunda’ your board by connecting up your hab-blocks with perilously exposed bridges whilst the accessories allow those all important ladders to be strapped to the outside of the buildings!


It’s reasonably priced really when compared to other high quality mdf terrain and even the early-bird offering of three hab-blocks (each unit is roughly 6 x 4.5 inches and almost 4 inches tall) and one walkway set gives you enough blocks to adequately cover a table quarter for most games  if they’re spread out or slightly less if you’re building upwards.  With some early birds (only £40!) still left now’s the time to get involved.  Price wise this is along the lines of Sarissa but with a greater degree of individuality on each building without buying extras.

untitledThere’s even a specifically tailored set for those of you that want their set up to be entirely internal which is great for zone mortalis or any kind of claustrophobic up close and personal game play!  Of course there is nothing to stop you buying a few extra roofs to stick on the tops so that you can switch your setup to be a more conventional war gaming table too.  The choice is yours!

I’d highly recommend checking out the videos (the new ones at least!) to gauge for yourself the robustness and quality of the offering.  I’m in already because it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to decorate my table for skirmish games and have a good feeling about the future of the project.  Mad Gaming Terrain seem to me as if they’re in this for the long haul as well with plenty of plans to diversify the product line and offer additional flutes and whistles including acrylic signage and screens, walls and much more all of which will be purchasable next year from 4tkgaming Colchester to further add to your shiny new infinity setup!  But if you’re impatient like me you need to be involved soon because nobody likes waiting!  With only 11 days to go and early bird pledges left still I would recommend having a look here!

Obviously the paint scheme will define your buildings so here are a few ideas for you…
Paint them to look rusty and then put snow effect on them to give you an arctic weather station like in ‘the Thing’.
Camouflage/Olive Drab them to get a near future base camp for military operations.
Do them with stark whites and bright colours to give you a high tech feel common to infinity boards.
Go the opposite way for 40K and follow the ‘Aliens’ example for a dirty abandoned frontier town built with pre-fabricated units.
Paint them in greys with warning labels and health and safety posters to make a convincing construction site.
I’m sure there are loads of other ideas that you might have but I think that those suit the style of the buildings nicely.  The generic shape of the units really adds to this pre-fab housing feel that fits well into the background of many sci-fi or even modern games.  You could also buy some extra roofs to use as low level terrain and fight across the rooftops of say Gotham or Starling City…

untitled2We’ll recap the project in a few weeks time with some new and exciting news about the future of the products so keep your eyes peeled!  My weekly slots should be back to more like normality for the near future at least so hopefully you’ll pop back on Sunday to see the progress I’ve made on my Infinity Nomads!  Until then happy gaming – Mark!


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