Slow Going

So at the moment everything in my life is just on some sort of go slow hiatus at the moment.


Mark is doing a grand job off filling out his bits and pieces but as weeks go by I am slowly starting to lose the will to do very much. The picture above is my Concord force for Beyond the Gates of Antares. Which I stripped down and restarted a few weeks ago, the plan was with my enforced time away from my real job I could get so much done, and it started great I made some really big dents in reading, playing and painting, instead just washing then took two hours and seemed to drain the life out off me.

My enforced absence from work was an accident in which I was involved, no liability comes from me as I was not actually working at the time but ended up dealing with the consequences, which lead to a few other things unrelated, which lead me to not being able to work.
Now however I have been in a kind of limbo state not being able to work for 5 weeks and various appointments and to be honest I’d just rather watch TV. I am starting to force myself back to the painting table with a bit more gusto as tomorrow I have to finish a piece for a painting competition, which I have scaled back from five pieces, and I have split some off my big projects into smaller more manageable chunks to give me a sense off getting somewhere that my life seems devoid off at the moment, I had fully intended to have a three thousand point King’s of War army finished by now but after days of work I got to a stage where I would have happily thrown the whole project on the fire, I had in short set about doing a big project in totally the wrong way. Now I am looking at my hobby motivator and where there should be lots off finished models there is nothing I have wasted hours looking over a project that I hadn’t even finished building wondering if it was ever going to end which reflected how I felt about my absence from work and my usual routine.

So I am going to be approaching things in a more organised and therapeutic manner. One squad at a time, for games like Freebooters fate and the Knight Models games, this will be one model at a time.
Tomorrow I will be packing up and boxing away everything other than what I am working on. Which will be Armoured Syndicate model tomorrow night. After that I have a rough idea of what I want to get done and in what order. I will still be flitting from one project to another but at least I will be getting something finished.

So I will leave this therapeutic post here in the hope that it goes someway to explaining my absent-minded like approach for the last two and a bit months and also as a way point and marker for myself so I can look back in a few weeks and see how far I have managed to move forward, needless to say this isn’t the end just another speed bump in my life which I will get over and move forwards from.

Cheers – Darren

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