King’s of War Starting small.

So last year I received my Abyssal kickstarter and it has pretty much sat on the counter looking less like a painted army and more like a box ready for shipping, which is almost pretty much what it was.


However things change and I am in the process off getting it sorted and I have a game as well, this wouldn’t be to much off a problem. At the moment I have the required figures for a 750 point starter game built, I just need to base them and get a lick off paint on them for Wednesday.

As you can see not the most impressive force yet but considering a week ago nearly all off it was new on sprue, I don’t think I have made to bad a progress.

Well I managed to get everything undercoated and ready for wednesday, and have since then got a horde off lower abyssals made, but after the process off building them I am starting to loose faith in them which is why after building this army I will not be starting another large scale army again, although Kings of War is a fantastic game, more on that in a future post, the process off building a reasonably large army can be quite repetative and tiring, but over the next few months I aim to get the entire devil’s horde made.

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