Sunday Colour #4

20160514_201216Sorry that I missed last week but I hadn’t made any progress due to various real life things so figured I’d just catch up this week.  I really don’t have that much to write about so I’m just going to put a load of pictures up for you to look at because I have so many figures to do and not enough time to do them in!

I’ve managed to finish my Burrows and Badgers warband so that’s great!  It did take me a month to do six models so that means that the one hundred plus figures I have to do should last me well over a year!

They look pretty decent really and I’ve really enjoyed painting them.  Can’t wait to try them out on the table!  I’ve also been working on my nomads for Infinity the game and I’m finding this much more of a chore but I am nearly there already.  I’m going for an android:netrunner meets comic book style and I’m hoping that all the work will pay off when they’re finished!

Oh one more thing before I leave you I thought I’d share my round base halving guide!  OK so this is where maths is actually useful.  To draw a straight line through a circle so it goes through the centre is easy really but doing it in practice is much harder.  To get around that I made the device you can see below.  Simply draw a straight line across your chosen surface then making sure that you measure at a right angle to the original line mark, drill and glue two pins 1cm from the line.  Push any size round base and the line you drew to start with will show you where to paint your halves!  I could have patented that right?  I’m so nice to you guys!

Easily worth a fiver right?  Mine looks pretty shambolic but it works really well!  Try it for your self and save a load of heart ache when painting facings on bases!

If the little critters above caught your attention check back later in the week because I’ll be discussing the rules and building my warband ready for a fight!

Until next time stay lucky! -Mark

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