Picking your Team

So with a huge variety in games and in each game a large (or for new games) growing choices of forces which then boil down into even more choices it at time can be an absolute nightmare trying to pick a team for that friendly game, even worse for a league or tournament.

A growing problem is that ‘some’ people will make hundreds off lists and spend hours pouring over them, all the time looking for the unbeatable combo, so how do you combat that if you haven’t got the wallet or time to build the newest uber-deathstar force for your selected game.
The answer is to either do the same or just give up, not on the game as that would be counter productive, but on trying to compete with them. Why? Well it will give you more time to enjoy your hobby, now while I try to play a lot of games and review even more I sometimes suffer from rules rust, while some of the gamers I play against seem to live in there rules and net building looking for ‘the deathstar’ force, I have reached the place where I just don’t let it bother me. Now a prime example is Halo, the local player just brings plenty of MAC6 battlegroups and did the same even when he knew I had played one game six months previous and had two starter forces and none of the more recent releases and specials. Now while some might say that he sportsmanship is lower than a snakes belly, and at the time I would have agreed, now I just let it wash over me, because that’s how he plays to win no matter what the cost. Other players are more apt at taking a learner through their first game and will adjust accordingly, maybe with a sprinkling of the good stuff just to say look this is what you can work to.

Conversely whilst at Salute me and Mark both had a ‘whatever’ moment and brought into Burrows and Badgers picking a handful of models based on the rule off cool, and now are trying to fit the models into a force list, so it won’t be a what you see is what you get to begin with, this spontaneous method adds a bit extra to the list building task as you are using a limited number of options, and is often harder to do rather than the approach off just buying everything and creating a deathstar.

I really would suggest if you are starting out proxy some models if you have the rules or get plenty of demoes in and pour over the shop displays looking for something you like the look of ‘the rule of cool’ and then work from there, sometimes it’s more rewarding

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