Learning Curve: Act Four

20160430_220939Continuing last weeks theme of constructing a list I’m going to share my thoughts about Infinity the Game.  I played first edition a little bit but haven’t played since.  The rules seem like they’re much the same at their core though and so I’m hoping that my thinking on the subject still holds some water…

If you’ve been paying attention then you’ll realise that I selected to play as Haqqislam, specifically Qapu Khalqi (the men of the gate) then I get to play with a good variety of figures.  I don’t regret that choice at all since it does mean I get to splash bright colours around and I’m pretty sure the force will be interesting to play.  I do have a craveat to add there though, infinity is not for the feint hearted or the inexperienced on any front.  The figures are often fragile, fiddly and have separate pieces that GW would call flash this makes sticking them together a challenge.  They’re equally tiny and finely detailed to paint which is great if you’re a decent painter but I can see it being frustrating really just average (like me – see earlier twitter rant).  Then there’s the special rules…

That’s where the fun starts but only after you have a good grounding in the basics.  From that point of view I still need to play some smaller games before I start hacking things and using all of the link team goodness.  Without further ado I present my list:
Qapu list

So I’m not too hot on all the rules but I think this ticks quite a few boxes.  I have a pair of reasonably hefty dudes in the form of the Brigada and the Azra’Il, a doctor with regenerate, enough orders to fuel my link teams and the expendable if predictable Yuan Yuans.

The game plan is probably quite defensive using the Sniper as anti-camo and the Azra’Il to anchor my flank.  The Yuan Yauns keep my opponent busy watching his firing arcs whilst my Hafza link teams scoot up the field with their doctor and Odalisque, the Brigada is my ‘free-role’ soldier, fast enough to be reactive and well armed and armoured he can deal with lots of things on his own.  It’d be pointless to make too firm a plan because I don’t know how reliable any one piece of the puzzle is but I think it gives me decent flexibility.

I’m sure those of you that are more experienced players will have opinions about my list though and I’m certain it could be improved without needing to buy loads more stuff?  Once they’re painted up we’ll be doing a battle report to highlight just how bad I am at tactical thinking…

Until next week stay lucky! – Mark


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