Deadzone Version 2 arriving

So posts are starting to appear on Facebook, as well as the inevitable sales posts on eBay, that Deadzone v2 is starting to arrive around the UK.

Now while certain factions of die hard fans were moaning during the beta about things being took out or replaced, we can now see exactly what has changed.

Firstly as this is a games blog we need toys to play with and the new enforcer sprues are miles if not countries ahead of the previous release in terms of quality.

The scenery is just as good and builds on the Battle Zones range nicely. These new sprues are designed to work alongside existing scenery and not purely to replace it.

The rules have been rewritten almost from the ground up in places, and the models haven’t escaped attention either, don’t worry though your favourite original faction is still there and probably with minimal tweaking still legal to use straight off the bat, the points stats and how certain ‘elements’ of the game have changed, this isn’t a cash grab of replacing units with slightly different ones. This is making a reasonable game better and more accessible.

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