Getting back up and running.

So after an eventful month and a bit it looks like we are getting up and running and putting a foot forward, it may not be the best foot but we will get there.


So a few of these pictures may be a bit below par, and I apologise for that but it’s the best way to hide my painting skills.

So where are we Mark is recovering from some form of galactic illness possible brought on by close proximity to unquarenteened animals in Badgers and Burrows, Jez is waiting on his significant other to review his ramblings on Arcworlde, I can only just get my significant other to accept the fact that no matter how many times she say ‘no more’ I am always going to able to make room on my tardis like shelving unit, or hide it in rubs in the shed.


And me well, I am back at work after a train accident just before Salute and generally family busy at the moment, however I am piling into my Salute stash, The Undead pirates from Arcworlde and my fledgling band of adventurers from Badgers and Burrows is well on the way with base layers nearly complete on half the furry little critters.


And finally I have been chipping away at my Guild Ball hunters, first full team I have owned (as Mist is still missing from my Union line up).

Once these are done I am moving onto a BIG model.

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