Some more Salute

So going through my phone pictures I realised that I still have loads of pictures that I haven’t published, so here goes with a few off them.


Battle System scenery in action they had on display their Sci-Fi and dungeons kits with loads off add ons as well, was definitely a bargain if you got in on this kickstarter, how ever if you didn’t don’t worry as they are still reasonably priced and later this year they will be revisiting the sci-fi setting for their next project.

Some Early work of Labyrinth by River Horse

River Horse was in full flow with both Labyrinth and Hunt for the Red October on display Mark had a chat with the guy behind the stand spo hopefully if he can remember what was said he will put a few more words to this later.

Some of the 3 ups on display



The massive Spidertank for Terminator Genysis

Spidertank, yes its a real thing, yes its expensive, but it is THAT big.

look how big the spidertank is!
viva la resistance
some more River Horse models
Battle in Progress Maelstroms Edge

The Spiral arm team were there again this year with more games of Maelstroms Edge to play and some awesome display pieces, I was even lucky enough to see something from the next planned releases, I really should have pocketed it and ran, but thats with hindsight and might have ruined future prospects with the company. But what can I say about it, probably not a lot but the sprue I saw had alternate parts on it for conversions and a few new weapons as well as a huge, great…..

some of the Maelstroms edge scenery sprues
Assorted contents from the box set


Studio Models from Spiral Arm studios

Last time you lend your truck yo someone

Spectre Miniatures were there as well, I really wanted to see this stand in full flow but didn’t get to it until really late in the day (16:58) so didnt get much time to chat to them, well got no time to chat to them really just a few shots and a promise that I will be in touch soon.

There miniatures look absolutely amazing for modern spec ops forces and Militia as well, once I have worked through the Salute haul of 16 there will be some kind of discussion going on to see if I can get hold of some off these models (or all of them).


All their sculpts just look so anatomically correct its like looking at a movie thats been paused, their work in progress which looks like Militia forces with a Chinese rocket system whose name escapes me at the moment looks real, ok very small, but the proportions of the weapons and the models just make them look so natural.


Some awesome Independant scenery
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