Darren’s Salute 2016 Thoughts

Well after a very long day me and Mark got home safely, and managed to make our way round most of the stalls we had planned, I got caught slightly short and missed two that I didn’t find until the way out but still its an improvement on last year.


So some highlights from my point of view, in no particular order, much like Marks was yesterday.

Starting with possibly my favourite game of 2015 Guild Ball, Steam Forged were in attendance with their newly released season 2 Hunters team and the rules, more on these in another article as they deserve that, but they also had demos off Dark Souls as well with a few models on show, this will be going to kickstarter April 19th. Compared to last year the stand was much bigger with more staff and more pundits generally pressing the flesh and doing what I would imagine was hundreds off Demos.

Spartan Games followed the same format as last year, small stand massive (packed) demo tables, I think they had something like 6 tables, the smallest being 6 by 4 from a rough guess, they had all their current games on display as well as Halo Ground Combat, really smooth looking game, I will go out on a limb and say expect Halo Ground Combat to be out off stock everywhere for a good few weeks after release, if you have played Halo Fleet Battles you will drop nicely into Ground Combat, if not it might take all off ten minutes before you are playing it yourself.

Where to start with Warlord? Firstly they had loads off stuff on display and demo as well as in development models on display, secondly they had an awesome amount of choice from all there ranges which are growing weekly, I had a quick catch up with my man in the know at Warlord and he dropped a few hints and a few crazy sounding ideas, but Warlord have pulled off crazy before and with the Sarrissa scenery looks like they might do it again.

Burrows and Badgers was the game on display at the Oathsworn stand, you will see a lot more off this over the coming weeks and months as me and Mark will both be writing about it, its a game ,that just happened to catch our eyes and after a brief look and chat we walked away feeling intrigued, well I was, but we kept talking about it throughout the day so went back had another look, then another before both taking a bit off a blind plunge into the game, we decided to pick six models each, check they could go together and just see where it goes, selection based on one aspect only. The Rule of Cool, so naturally I got a badger with a baseball bat.

Last year Infernal was an idea, I loved it, this year it is an actual game, now while I didn’t manage to pick anything up at Salute, I have the rules and will sort out the paper models until my back balance recovers, the models are by turns cool, quirky and very dark, if this can gain a bit of traction, and judging by how much they shifted there is a good chance of that, then this game will grow until the weird ideas have dried up, after speaking to some of the guys there is no shortage of ideas either.


Running out of room quickly there is one more game I really would love to get a few words in about before I sign off on this session, and that is Armoured Syndicate, expect this to be going to kickstarter later this year, the models are very good and a joy to paint, hopefulluy this will be backed up by a nice rule set and an astounding campaign, and this could well be an awesome skirmish style game with as the creator was heard lots of mechs.

There were lots more and in reality I could probably write a novel on Salute but I best save some for another day.



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