Salute 2016 Mark’s Roundup

So we’re back from our day trip to London with bags under our eyes and under our arms.  I had a wicked time met a lot of new people and spent some time with old acquaintances.  Having went with the intention of trying new games out it astonishes me to think that we were so busy that I didn’t roll any dice or touch any cards…

“We rolled these!”

So even though I didn’t manage to play any games I did spend a lot of time talking about them and looking at them so here’s a quick run down of the best bits!   (Well what I think were the best bits!)

“gimme the gasoline!”

In no particular order we have The Devil’s Run: Route 666 which looks sweet is post-apocalyptic and has tiny motorbikes in!  It’s something that wasn’t on my radar before this morning but it seems pretty neat.  Hopefully we’ll have follow up news on this in the near future…

Open Combat by Second Thunder was one of the things I wanted to see and I wasn’t disappointed.  The system itself is cleverly simple enough that you can get to grips with it quite quickly whilst allowing players to build warbands to fight a particular way and is open enough to make the game about tactical movement, use of terrain and picking your fights!  We plan to run some games soon in our drive to include more battle reports!

“Give us all of your vegetables”

Burrows and Badgers from Oathsworn just looked too good to pass on.  Firstly it’s something genuinely different that looks great, has clever rules and has campaign rules!  Yes it’s Necromunda but with angry furry animals!  How could any (mainly) sane person not buy this game?


Infernal looks great if you like being scared by the contents of your miniature case but I decided to pass based on the game being what I would deem age inappropriate for my house.  I’d highly recommend giving it a look because the background makes grim dark look quite nice really…

I caught up with Jack from River Horse who very kindly talked me through Waterloo and the upcoming Hunt for Red October both of which are more board games than wargames but both look grand.  Red October’s release details will follow shortly.

The displays and games that were on show all over were of the usual jaw dropping scale and impressiveness and the amount of time and hard work that goes into them frightens me.

20160416_112315I guess my favourite part of the day was just chatting to people.  Catching up with old friends is always nice especially when the years and months of absence don’t even register and being able to endless to talk to perfect strangers about the hobby we love is brilliant.  Plus I got some bargains; I’m going to start playing Freebooters Fate and Infinity so look out for a new series of articles “Learning Curve”.

I only have so many words so if your favourite isn’t on here let me know in the comments box.  There will be more thorough reviews of the games in the coming weeks and stay tuned for more battle reports, game reviews and gaming news coming soon! -Mark

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