Excuses, Excuses!

broken-piggy-bankFor those of you who haven’t been paying attention Darren and I are off to Salute to buy toys, play games and generally have a nice time on Saturday as I’m sure many of you are.  Like me though you probably have a budget of some kind and someone to whom you ‘report’ (the other half).  So what do we do when we over spend?  Lie of course!


What follows is a list of potential excuses you can use next weekend when you come home with armfuls of new scenery and toys.  We’ll start with a classic “they’re not all mine!” which is blatantly not true and relies on you having a mate/mates with Likely to Ambush Partners (L.A.P.s).  I wouldn’t recommend this unless you’ve bought a clearly multi-faction set of some kind.

Next up we’ve got “but these were basically free!” or some variation that relies somewhat on your partner not knowing the value of what you spend your money on.  This is a solid excuse and difficult to disprove or argue with (particularly if you pay in cash).  Of course you can’t use this for everything you’ve spent money on…

wp-1458418759603.jpgThis next one is a statement best used as a preliminary bombardment.  “You should have seen the amount of money Dave spent!”  The key to this is to say it early and follow up with “fancy a cuppa?” or whatever to form a smoke screen allowing you to escape from the entrance hall which is probably their chosen kill zone.

Another excellent orbital bombardment best launched from the car (by text) “if you help me bring it all in we can look at it together?”  This kind of terror tactic should have the normally inquisitive LAP fleeing into another room before you can even get in to the house.

Of course it is likely that you’ll still have some form of questions to field and it’s at this point that we need to wheel out the “but you want me to look successful don’t you?”  This one plays a little on the psychology of your relationship and every bodies need to keep up with the Joneses!

If all else fails you can always use just go with this…

See how we get on next weekend! If you have any other good excuses please share! -Mark

Oh I should add that for legal and moral reasons we do not condone or encourage overspending in this manner.  If you find yourself in debt as a result of your hobby you should probably seek help…

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