Kharnage Hell Yearghh!


Spring is coming ! It’s time for battle and slaughter. It’s time to conquer this lovely but not so strategic hill. You know, the one with the picnic table on the top. Like every year, the four armies are preparing for war. Line up your troops and crush your enemies!

Kharnage is a fun, fast and violent card game for 2 to 5 warriors, even little warriors, like 8 years old warriors. With more than 150 cards for four armies, the game brings you anything you need to butcher your friends and be crowned King of the Hill.

This landed on my doorstep today and I thought a quick few words were in order as the project only has 7 days to go on kickstarter


5a2b296016aadde86371d509886e087a_originalSo what we have is a two to five player game where each player takes control off one of five different factions, humans, Orcs, Dwarves, Goblins or Pigs.

Now for some reason I cant download the beta rules so hopefully I will get them a bit later but the whole game looks to play quite quick, and easy with a fair amount of strategy heaped on top which could mean a mistake will quickly put you out of the game.

The example on the kickstarter page is off a five player game played over four rounds, the loser from each round is out, and the winner is the last man standing victorious at the end of round four.

The Devil Pigs faction is a kickstarter exclusive so to guarantee a copy you really need to back the project but back to the game.


From what I can work out so far the game is four rounds (maybe less if there is less five players as it is after all a king of the hill game) in each round you select one of the five cards in your hand to determine the initiative, from highest to lowest you then precede to draw and deploy cards equal to the amount of flags on the card that you revealed, which are then put straight into play to form your ‘army’.


The third stage of play would be the attack which corresponds to the attack symbol on the initiative card, melee, magic or ranged, if you attack with melee you can only attack those next to you, with a ranged attack everyone is fair game. To attack you add your Combat Points up then go on a mad rampage and attack your enemies front rank before moving on to the second etc, each Combat Point will kill a Defense Point, as some cards have more than one Defense Point. If destroy the entire army you must shout Kharnage and bang the table this gets you one Domination point, any player who doesn’t chear on your marvelous victory losses a Domination point.


At the end of the round you need to tally up how much each player has destroyed, the player who has destroyed the least amount of unit cards is out of the game. The player with the highest round score gets 5 Domination points and the second 3 Points and third 1 point. At the end of round four the player with the highest amount of Domination Points is crowned the King of the Hill and wins.

Currently the game is about 2000 Euros short of its last published stretch goal and still has a week to run, you can help by backing the project here and joining in the fun and games, I know everyone I have spoken to who has played a Devil Pigs game really enjoys them and I see no reason why this one will be any different.

I will post some more thoughts on the game play when I get a copy of the beta rules.

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