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Knight Models newest game Marvel Universe has been out a while now and I managed to pick up a few bits and pieces for it. For my first faction I choose the X-Men because, well they are the X-Men and they are cool. Added to which there extra charactor at the moment is Deadpool which is a seriously nice model.31597-med

So my starting charactors are Cyclops, Jean Grey and Deadpool. The nice thing about starting a game at the early stages of its life is that I haven’t got thousands of models to try and catch up with, and with a range from Knight Models you are really spoilt for choice with nice miniatures, between these and freebooters miniatures I would be really hard pressed to say which are my favourite sculpts.


So back to the Marvel Universe game. Like Batman the Miniatures game each blister comes with the stat card(s) to be used in the game, which always helps, another big seller of the 4 miniature sets (X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy or Avengers) included in the set is the rules, which means you don’t need to go buy  a new rule set.

Admittedly the rule book is tiny and suffers a little bit because of it, in that there isn’t enough room to lay it out nicely with loads of examples, and there is practically no fluff included either, but its handy and you only need a few D8 to get started and preferably a few templates which are sold separately as well. So how easy is it to play, well if you have played Batman then you will probably find the differences very minimal, although the games aren’t designed to be compatible, each round is broken down into four distinct phases, Power phase where you allocate power tokens, the Initiative phase where you determine the order of play for the round, the Action phase or as it should be called the Fun phase where you carry out all your actions alternating players activating a miniature each, followed by the Final Phase of the round, where damaged charactors may be able to heal, or special effects may be resolved in this round.

All in the game looks as solid as you would expect from Knight Models and the only down side to the game is at the moment there are no ‘bad guys’ but I would imagine Magneto, and a whole cast off your favourite guys are on the way.

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