Shiny New Stuff I Might Purchase…

Magpie2_i-love-shiny-thingsAll this talking about Salute has me thinking about what I’m going to look at actually buying on the day…..

marinespainted1-500x500First on the list are some more figures for my Afterlife mercenary force.  I’m probably looking at getting some Unity Council bits for some variety.  The miniatures are excellent and I’ll be able to whup Darren with them after they’re all painted.  So that’s a trip to Anvil Industry sorted.

Next is that game Infinity.  There’s quite a healthy scene locally and it’d be a shame not to have a force that I can use!  After a little bit of consideration I’m still torn between a Morat force and Qapu Khalqi.  On the one hand the Morat force looks wicked and seems to be quite straightforward with play style.  On the other the Qapu Khalqi is a much more varied army that may be more fun to paint.  Either way I’m hoping to be able to grab a deal!

I might pick up some odds and ends too like bases and paints and that leaves me with room to invest in probably one more skirmish game or some sci-fi scenery (or both – sssh don’t tell the wife).  But with so many great things to pick from I’m a bit clueless.  I think I’m going to try and keep an open mind on what the plan should be for the rest of the cash and I’ll report back after the event!  If you have any pointers for me though go ahead and post below!

Until next time happy gaming! -Mark


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