River Horse at Salute

This afternoon I turn my attention to the world of River Horse.  Creators of the Terminator:Genisys game as well as Waterloo – “Quelle Affaire!” and a series of other chess like games they have been integral in the process of bringing some other much loved titles to our tables, not least of which are Dreadball and Bolt Action.  But what can we expect to see at their Salute stand this year?

Managing Director (and wargames celebrity) Alessio Cavatore assures us that we’ll see plenty!  As well as their existing product lines which I’m sure will go down a storm there will be “new Terminator stuff, Labyrinth the board game” and The Hunt for Red October, mock ups only for the later and Labyrinth though.  I’m particularly intrigued by the Labyrinth idea and it’s looking pretty sweet so far…

We’re also assured there will be some as yet unannounced products for us all to clamber over each other to see!  I for one can’t wait to see what else they’ve been dreaming up and if their previous work is the standard we can expect going forwards we’re all in for a little bit of viewing pleasure.

They can be found at stand TD03 and as well as a plethora of goodies for you to purchase they’ll be offering demos of their games (even the ones we can’t buy yet!) so head over and grab yourself a treat!

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