Great Escape Games at Salute

geg trentIn the run up to Salute me and Mark are trying to contact as many people as possible, one to secure toys for our grubby mits and two to see whats what and see if we can get any super secret information.

Great Escape Games is one of those companies and it looks like it will be a busy stand as they will have 8 product lines available as well as a demo game.

Great Escape Games are the publishers of  The Chicago Way, Dead Man’s Hand, Iron Cross, Sword & Spear, and it’s great to support small publishers/manufacturers! And they also have the largest selection of tufts at Salute!

On the stall they will have , Dead Man’s Hand, Iron Cross, Sword & Spear, Cobi building block tanks, Mininatur, Model scene, Gamer’s Grass

A demo table of The Chicago Way is also going to be available so you can pop by and try., The Chicago Way is a 28mm game, fast paced all action skirmish game set in the prohibition era.


As well as the demo table there will be a show offer on The Chicago Way as Great Escape Games  are releasing the rules, markers, 4 factions, cars and 8 buildings. There will also be a freebie figure, so not a lot really!


As if Chicago Way wasn’t enough releases for the connoisseur of small shiney models they will also have a release for Dead Man’s Hand: a new gang called The Daughters of the West.
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