Anvil Industry & Afterlife

Science fiction is most certainly my bag (in case you hadn’t noticed) and the miniatures of Anvil Industry certainly tick that box.  Not only do they make superb resin models and bases in the genre I enjoy most but they are behind their own near-future wargame Afterlife.20160311_194828

Pictured above and below are my Alpha Legion veterans made from the Exo-Lord range which Joel informs me is both expanding and being revamped (though I’m not sure it needs improvements).  Perfect as alternative space marines and components for conversions the Exo-Lord range is well worth a butchers at for Space Marine players.  These will be available on their stand TB01 at Salute.

Also available will be demos of Afterlife and the product to play it.  The game is more about the experience than the winning and is described as a narrative game by the writers.  I really like that and think that it should appeal to a lot of gamers that find the “wallethammer” the creeps into games tiresome.  Coupled with the fact that you get the pleasure of using beautiful miniatures that have so little flash and require so little work that I achieved the feat of washing and assembling the entire Republic Starter set onto scenic base toppers in one evening!

I’ll be painting them up shortly and think I’m going to aim for a ‘Deathstroke’ feel and they’ll form the beginnings of a money grabbing mercenary outfit!  Hopefully they’ll fit in nicely with the corporate elite they will end up fighting for… With the promise of further developments (more about this another time) and releases the future seems bright for collectors.

The starter kits are really good value with loads of bonus stuff and an excellent booklet that many companies would charge you for free if you’re quick!  I’m off to find a nice orange paint…. -Mark!

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