Where to go next.

So far I have covered looked at painted procrastinated and generally chatted to more games designers, developers and publishers than I knew there were games that existed! Then I discovered Kickstarter and there are litterally almost another 100 every few weeks, figures are not official, and I wonder who has time to play all these games.

I have a core of games that kind off swing with the seasons, at the moment I am very much Halo and Freebooters Fate minded, with a smattering of Dungeon Saga thrown in.


These have now appeared so I have no doubt that I will be itching for a game with these soon, and possible swinging a bit of the Batman variant in at the same time, also with the Arrow/Flash variant on the horizon I am hoping to get the other half involved as well.

So in a few paragraphs I have mentioned 5 games from 4 different companies, now take into account a very large collection of things like Bolt Action and Dropzone Commander, as well as Mantic Staples Deadzone, Dreadball and Kings off War and my shelf starts to sound as if it’s starting to strain, and that’s with out my go to tournament choice of Guild Ball. 3 paragraphs and, well quite a few games mentioned, from nearly all the main UK publishers, on top of that are the games that I am slowly getting ready for the table Eden, Wolsung, Beyond the Gates of Antares, actually I am begining to think my other half could be right in that I have to much stuff, and that’s with out the solo games I enjoy AvP, Zwar One, or the occasional party games or the games that never really made it big in my local area.

So to combat this, once Salute is done that will be my last splurge for a while, I aim to then get everything painted finish my reviews, catch up with companies that I have been dealing with and work out strategies going forward. I have for the most part of this project been a one man band and it has shown, as I just can’t keep up as well as everything else, now I have Mark as a wing man, I had a specialist Spartan reporter who has again gone, and a few other contributers, I am wondering if now may be the time to take on a few more.

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