Sally 4th at Salute

Furthering our coverage of the upcoming Salute event I delve into the world of Sally 4th.  Makers of superb laser cut scenery and magnetic basing kits Sally 4th have some pretty ingenious ideas up their sleeves…
Normandy.pngForemost amongst those ideas is their range of photo-realistic mdf buildings suitable for 28mm gaming of all kinds but mostly WWII.  The Normandy buildings will be available for general sale at Salute for the first time and look like just the thing to make your Bolt Action games come to life, they even having Perspex windows!  Just check out the close ups of ‘The House at Dead Mans Corner’ below!

So quite apart from making me want to pick up WWII gaming again Sally have also inspired my need for Sci-fi again with their excellent interiors.  Since I very much enjoy games not dominated by something I’m going to call ‘wallethammer’, whereby the player with the most disposable income has the biggest guns, I love this idea and they’re pre-painted and ready to go!

It would take many hours to fully investigate the depth of terrain available and for all the scales they make for; let alone the other items they stock and basing kits.  I would highly recommend looking at their website and definitely head over on the day to grab yourself some reasonably priced and awesome looking scenery!

Stay tuned for more games news! – Mark


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