Forgeworld at Salute 2016

99560108140_WarlordTitanScaleShotSo with normal service suspended in the run up to the big event I thought I’d stick with something I know for article number one;  Forge World.  As usual the Games Workshop off shoot are remaining tight lipped about any plans they may have for the event but in the past their stand has been on of the busiest places on the day.  So what can we expect to see?


Last year saw the release of the scary looking Vindicator Laser Destroyer, the even more gigantic and frightening fellow below and a selection of show exclusives.  More details  of exactly what we’ll see will follow but I think it’s a fair assessment that there will be a smattering of new awesomeness for us to all barge each other out the way to get a butchers at and gloriously modelled figures from universes many of us grew up with!  What’s not to like.

I’m obviously pretty keen to see any Night Lords items that might show up and might be tempted by a shiny new resin tank….

Until next time – Mark


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