Thank Kickstarter its Friday.

So I have been trying to do a fairly regular kickstarter report every Friday with a few projects in it that I think look quite interesting, interestingly since I started this I have had less e-mails asking me to promote peoples Kickstarters, which seems a tad off.

First off is a favourite of mine Lands of Ruin its dynamic approach and nice looking miniatures definitely point towards a mature outlook and the ideas and production lines are set up and ready to go. With 5 days left to go it has made its target funding goal and while I think The Outlanders are to far off to reach, but anything is possible and we can but hope for a late surge off backers.

Massmora seems to have totally slipped through my browsing of kickstarters this week, but I have been a tad bit otherwise engaged, yet still there is a few days left.Masmorra is the dungeon underneath the great city of Arcadia, which was used as a testing ground for prospective Guild Heroes. But since the warlock Malaphyas took it over, filling it with his monstrous minions, it’s become a real challenge, beckoning the Heroes to brave its treacherous corridors in search of fame and fortune!

Production plastic figures of the Heroes of Masmorra.

Whilst not to everyone’s taste I am beginning to like some of the cartoony miniatures floating around at the moment.

If you are looking for something different how about Saloon Tycoon it doesn’t look overly taxing but it does look fun so could be a nice little starter/family game.

Saloon Tycoon is a 2-4 player tile laying game that plays in about 40-60 minutes and is unlike any other game you’ve played before! Not only can you place tiles side by side, but you can also place them on TOP of each other! Simple enough for casual gamers, but deep enough for experienced gamers… come on and let’s get buildin’!

$70 looks like its the nicest price point to aim for a good in road, and there are quite a few stretch goals knocked down all ready.

Are you backing any off these or do you know of  aproject we should look at then get in touch using our contact me page


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