The Brotherhood Rides

On Friday I took part in Final Re-rolls first Freebooter’s Fate night, my Brotherhood against Carls Pirates we decided that as Carl only had the Pirates starter set to go starter vs starter but as I had more points than him I changed my Harlequin for another Coscritti, which leveled the points up at 285 Doubloons.

Miniature Design by Werner Klocke

So as we were both totally new to Freebooter’s Fate we decided a straight up mash ’em till there dead would allow us chance to learn as much as possible. So Carl had Captain Rosso (Leader), Curly Ann (specialist) and two deckhands (Pirate and Cuchillo) I was rolling up with a Master Assassin (Leader), Bonnacia (Specialist) and two Coscritti (Deckhands)

I managed to consistently draw high for initiative every turn bar the last one so was always in a slightly better position for most of the game, the first turn saw me just move up the board as the Brotherhood crew I had was mainly set for a brawl, I learned my first lesson as the pirates started shooting at me, to be in cover you have to be touching it.


The second turn was a bit better managed to get two models into close quarter fighting, the Master Assassins shadow walk is just awesome. even though I missed half the bonuses the first few times off use. so about turn 3 everyone bar Carls Curly Ann was in combat and my Cosscritti was locked in combat with Captain Russo, and went on to kill him. At the start off turn 6 all that was left was my Master Assassin locked in combat with Curly Ann and a Cosscritti with the Pirate Captain, the Captain and the Master Assassin.

Turn 7 saw Cosscritti charging towards Curly Ann who lept off a building charged and promptly stamped on the deckhands foot and killed him.

Killer off the game goes to the Cosscritti before he was stamped to death!

What did I take from this game, well taking a knife to a gun fight isn’t going to end well. Shadow Walk is absolutely stunning, and I really should make a list of my special rules before I start the game.

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