In Midnight Clad (Bring on the Chosen)

Welcome back to my weekly ramblings about my tenth company project!  This week I’ve managed to finish my Command Squad/Chosen.

Created in the image of First Claw from Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s Night Lords trilogy but with a hefty dose of ‘artistic’ licence.  The changes were mainly made to allow me to use the figures in both 30K and 40K games legally.  For 30K they form a five man Command Squad and an Apothecary whilst in 40K they are just six chosen.

Each member of the squad got an above average amount of free-handed and transferred markings to set them apart from their less decorated brethren.  The full line up can be seen below!

That’s all I have for this week and with Salute on the horizon we’re going to begin coverage so further updates on the project will need to be suspended for now but will resume in May.  Thanks for looking and until next time Ave Dominus Nox – Mark

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