Friday Kicks on a Saturday

Sorry this is a day late, I will submit myself for a 12 hour atonement of non gaming goodness!

So whats happening this week on kickstarter.

Widowers Wood is well over 200% funded so is a sure fire bet.

For illustrative purposes only. Final product may vary.

Lands of Ruin is so very nearly funded and looks very good I should have a preview set of models arriving very shortly which I am looking forward to seeing them in the flesh, the app is looking good at the moment and the figures look really nice so far and there are a few new add ons available.

This is a project I am really looking forward to.

ArcWorlde Battle for Troll Bridge is a UK kickstarter to bring a starter box set for ArcWorlde to life, the models for this look really fun but am a bit concerned as my favourite looking faction isn’t represented in the three starter sets in the starter box which is a shame as I was really hyped for this Kickstarter.

Next week I will try and be on time.




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