Salute Lists Unveiled

A few days ago the lists were revealed for Salute, who would be there and what games would be on display.

According to the list on the Salute webpage there is a shade over 85 demo games planned for the day, now considering Salute is only open to the public from 10:00 to 17:00 thats a lot to try and fit in, and thats with out trying to get round the stands that dont have demos or the traders stalls.

According tho the magic app on my phone that is set to explode with excitement on tthe 16th of April there is only 51 days left, so even if I wrote about two games a day that are being demoed I would only just make it.

To kick things off I saw on the list a company called Sphere Products a local company, well local to me anyway, that designs and builds some very nice looking kit from paint storage racks to workstations.


These have rubber feet on them so hopefully my missus will stop trying to kill me for scratching the glass table in the front room.

Maelstrom’s Edge is a game that funded via Kickstarter last year and still looks good, the backers copies are as I understand it starting to ship now, so all os good on that front, Spiral Arm studios, the company behind Maelstrom’s Edge will be at Saltue (Stand TD01) and I would strongly recommend you go and have a look as some of the models they had on display last year looked really good, thier books are a nice read as well if you can get hold of them and give them a read.


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