All the Card Games, so Many Card Games!

2015_The_Spoils_Logo_COLOR_500I’ve been struggling to find time to play cards lately and this lack of time has left me with a slightly different perspective on card games.  The point of them is after all to enjoy playing the games.  My slight epiphany might seem obvious to most but let me explain…

To elaborate somewhat I found cards through Magic: the Gathering like many of us and like a lot of players quickly progressed to be quite competitive.  Eventually I grew tired of ‘keeping up’ with MTG and moved on to the Spoils and some of the LCGs instead.  That was when I had time to play all these games often and in a competitive manner.  This mind-set became what was important and winning or at least trying to was my reason to play.

pic163749_tIt occurs to me now that I was missing the point of playing the games.  As a result of this I think that I would like to fill what little time I do have with card games the I enjoy playing.  I intend to continue playing a Game of Thrones and 40K Conquest because I love the background to those truly enjoyable games.  I also have been thoroughly enjoying Battle for Sularia (more on this next week) but I think I have room for just one more game that feels different.  But which one?

The market place is crowded with card games in all forms but which one is for me?  Game of Thrones fills my need for control and the sci-fi and brutal combat levels are already high with the other games.  I could go back to MtG of course but that way lies the dark side; I really enjoy the Spoils but find the support for the game frustrating.  I tried Doomtown: Reloaded but it’s not my cup of tea.

Android: Netrunner seems like a winner but it also looks a little complicated.  EPIC is very good but isn’t something worth more than occasional plays in my opinion so I think it should be something in between.  I also like the fixed pack nature so want to avoid the CCGs.  I’m thinking that perhaps a deck builder would be the best bet?  Something that I can buy and let others play, that’s expandable without being competitive but which one?

pic2225180_tThere are a tonne available but with background and gameplay being important to me I’ve whittled it down to the following;
Legendary Encounters – Alien
Resident Evil
DC Comics deck building game

But what a dilemma now!  That’s where you come in dear reader (I know some of you will get the chance to play the game chosen so get choosing).  I’d like any help and advice on the subject or even if you have other recommendations!  Of course if you happen to be a game designer and think your game fits the bill I’m more than happy to have a look at that too!

Until next week have fun! -Mark


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