Scourge Invade

One of my favourite games of the last few years has been Dropzone Commander this game is pretty straight forward to play, easy to get into and the starter sets for all Armies are nicely balanced whi you start adding them up, and with a faction for everybody.

So to reboot my playing time with DZC I am talking a look at the races available starting with the Scourge.

The Scourge are foul, neuro-parasitic lifeforms which can utterly dominate an unfortunate host, bending its life to its will. They thrive on the conquest and absorption of other races, their very mode of existence as potent a threat as their formidable battlefield technology. They are the galaxy’s ultimate predators.

Their breathtaking assimilation of the central planets, including Earth itself, has made them the primary threat to the very existence of mankind. Their methods of killing on the battlefield are abhorrent to witness, but violent death at the hand of their potent plasma weaponry can be as nothing compared to the dread of being taken alive.

‘Pure’ Scourge

Outside a host, a Scourge isn’t much to look upon, sickening though they undoubtedly are. Scourge adults are wispy, boneless, soft bodied creatures, frail in the extreme. Indeed, its fetid body is hard to identify amongst the myriad swirling tendrils of its extremities.

A Scourge can survive for its full lifespan without a host. It has been postulated that the Scourge evolved independently from hosts and only presented neuro-parasitic abilities late in their development. Once beyond the larval stage, in fact, it becomes impossible for a Scourge to take a host at all, and it must henceforth live as a pathetic, fragile creature for the remainder of its foul existence. It was a drive for physical improvement which ultimately led the Scourge to find strength in the bodies of other races.

Pure Scourge are obviously utterly unsuited for the open battlefield. Indeed, in gravity beyond 0.5G a Scourge cannot even move outside a liquid. Pure Scourge are however commonly found on the battlefield in control of vehicles, confirmed by studies of Scourge wrecks. Inside their unsettling and insectile war machines were found pockets of a black, tar like nutrient soup, floating inside which were pure Scourge. It seems that if larvae are not provided with a host in time, Scourge find strength in a manufactured chassis. The disturbingly predatory, organic qualities of the movements of scourge vehicles can be explained by this unholy communion of Scourge and construct, a process which is understood to be permanent.

So there is a bit of background on the only real out and out bad guys of the Dropzone Universe, the Scourge although not very heavy hitters are immensely faster than the other races and can use this to their advantage, indeed against the heavier hittign PHR and UCM you will need to use this to stay alive.

The models for the scourge all have that metallic organic hybrid look to them which is really nice given a half decent paint job, and they are immensley fun to play with as thier armour can run rings against most things and the Scourge Dropships arent exactly slow either, neither are they lacking in hitting power, but the standard battle tanks will struggle against heavier armed target, with only one energy 11 shot.

The models are all nicely themed and great to look at until you get to what most have called the CD rack Dropships which is the only part to let down the scourge but saying that after a few years they have started to grow on me,



The Scourge are masters of planetary invasion. Their entire fighting system is geared towards this single minded goal. Their dropships are strictly one-way transports, deploying from low orbit in freefall and only capable of sustained powered flight at relatively low altitudes. Sinister grav-tanks can deploy from these peculiar, vertically configured craft in seconds, reaching the combat zone faster than those all other races, save the Shaltari. Their weapons are short ranged, but spectacularly destructive. Their entire ethos demands lighting speed, intense shock and merciless aggression. The Scourge do not know retreat, they either conquer, or die trying.


Playing as the Scourge can be a bit off a challenge with more punch than most other races and less armour you will be reallying on your skimmers speed to give you better defensive capabilities and off course being able to move a lot further and fire than any other race means you really can out manouver and fire on your opponents.

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