In Midnight Clad (with Jump-packs!)

Firstly apologies to those of you who wanted to see what’s going on last week and got nothing.  The machine spirit of the laptop has been appeased and everything seems fine again.  Well It does have to have ‘sacred’ words shouted at it every now and then!  Anyway on to this weeks edition, where I managed to get some dudes finished!In Midnight Clad 004.jpgYes I finally finished my Night Raptor conversions and think they look pretty cool!  As discussed previously I think that for the difference in investment I would have been better off buying the real thing from Forge World so I did just that and I finished them too!

In Midnight Clad 001

Looking pretty good in all their slightly grisly glory and I’m really glad I spent the extra cash on them.  I’ve tried to stay with my spray/details/dip/anti-shine method throughout to maintain continuity but these figures are so nice it felt like I should be painting ‘properly’ all the way through!  I think they came out nicely though and my improvement with the dipping has made me less heavy handed and gives much cleaner results now!

So that’s another ten space marines checked off the list!  My current outstanding balance is 76 infantry and 1 vehicle, I know it goes up faster than I can paint!  Mainly that’s because I came across some Anvil Industry ‘Black Ops’ that I figured would make an excellent Seeker and Reconnaissance Squad plus optional extras for the other squads.  I’ll try to have pics soon!

Next week I’ll bring you images of first claw but I’m tiring of blue so might break up my painting schedule with some Tau!  I can’t seem to stop buying figures; it’s a disease of the soul!!  Oh,  we’re playing betrayal at work and it’s a fun lunch time boom-fest!  I’m losing the campaign though!  Happy painting – Mark

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