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So here we are again looking at Kickstarters that may or may not grab you instantly and say back me. Still no one has got in touch and pledged to get us every kickstarter ever but I still live in hope in the mean time I will back what I can and share away.

If you are running a Kickstarter and would like your game featured, or indeed reviewed please get in touch here its the same link for donating your lottery winnings.

So what is happening in the world of Kickstarter well there are a lot of games starting up.

Relicblade is doing rather well at the moment. Heroes or Pigs? Sounds a bit odd but people seem to be liking it a lot.

This set is the best way to start playing the game right away!

Tabletop Towns Gaming Mats are fully funded and knocking down stretch goals, Cobbles Cold

This is the next unlock (at time of writing) and looks pretty sweet, straight off the bat I thought Frostgrave for this mat

Privateer Press has Widowers Wood live at the moment, the game was fully funded in something stupid like 10 minutes and there is still 30 days to go.

Age of Tyrants is also fully funded and with just a few hours left to go there are still stretch goals to unlock.

click for full range of stretch goals

The last of the five Kickstarters for this week we really must give a nod to the Actual Kings of Kickstarter Mantic Games who are running there 11th Kickstarter project The Walking Dead now I am trying really hard not to get to excited about this game as Mantic seem to have a bit off hit and miss approach to some of there literature, its either stunning or there are lots off typos proof reading errors, but I cant help it this is growing on me, although there is a new project luanching in the next few hours which will solve this problem for me I think. But until then here is a picture of the proposed Walking Dead box set.

  • Rulebook and Getting Started Guide
  • 1 Gaming Mat
  • Rick and Carl Grimes survivor miniatures
  • Derek, Liam, Patrick and Sandra survivors miniatures
  • 12 Walker miniatures
  • 6 Character Cards
  • 40 Game Cards
  • 30+ counters, 1 Threat Tracker, 1 Kill Zone and 1 Range Ruler
  • 20 pieces of scenery
  • 11 custom dice

Also what is the deal with custom dice all off a sudden?


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