Spring Open

OK so now it is T-2 days to Athena Games Spring Open Guild Ball Event, I am taking my trusty Union to the fray, Prize support has turned up, the event has been sanction, what could possibly go wrong.

Well as its me there is always something, no not anything super new or shiney which is my usual excuse for everything but a death in the family has really put the breaks on my painting at the moment, so much so that I don’t know if I will actually have a legal team to play with as all players are supposed to be fully painted and based, which looks great but kind off puts me a few days away from where I need to be with a few days less than that until I am actually there. So what is the plan, well hopefully if I don’t fall in to a stupor of tired mess, is to crack on tonight and literally get as much done as possible and just take the best four team players that I have painted.


This works very well for me as I;

A) can’t speed paint and

B) cant really paint that well anyway, some models I do think look really good but these normally take ages more time than I usually have available.


So I will try and upload a picture to the facebook page of what the team, looks like a bit later on.

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