Magic taking Root

Welcome to Mellorian, also known as the Isle of Wonders.

First, a word of friendly advice – forget what you have heard, or that which you think you know about life here. This is a dangerous land; one of intrigue and betrayal. You must proceed cautiously; identifying those that are truly allies – for there are many false men in this land, eager to take your coin and yet sell your secrets. In time you may be approached by a representative of a City, or perhaps something even greater, and offered a position of service. One must think carefully before accepting the coin of master here, for it shall earn you enemies whichever choice you make.

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This is an article many months in the making as the miniatures I received to review went off to be painted and came back at a very busy personal time so my apologies for that.

The rules are available to download from The Roots of Magic webpage as well as a few other bits as well.

Using a D10 dice system with penalities and bonuses to Dice pool instead of target numbers needed seems to be a popular way forward and one which is used in Roots of Magic at the moment, the rules are still in the Beta stage,most rules will seem familiar enough so that any gamer can jump in with a bit of practice, the Wizard generates Action Points which can be distributed and used, each action made ‘costs’ a certain amount of Action Points, and you must be able to pay in full the action to be able to perform it, there are extra ways to gain more Action Points but I will leave that till later.

Combat is a simple matter of taking the dice simpulated by your stats (plus or minus for debuffs/buffs) and rolling against the defence stat of your target, am pressuming at the moment there isnt going to be many 9+ Defence creatures runnning around. How the successes are dished out is slightly different, after any modifiers are taken into account, 1 success will Stun your opponent and Burden them, 2 successes will cause a light wound (damage 1) and from there onwards more siuccesses equals more damage. Once a model has taken all its damage it is out for the duration of the rest of the game.

Victory is decided by either survival or Objectives so there is always a few options to win the game.

The Models so far for Roots of Magic are very tasty and styalised hopefully the range of wizards will be expanded and more rules for non magic users will be introduced.

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